The Zombie Junkyard

By Kathryn Maynard
April 20, 2000

The silence covers the land
As the fog slowly starts to rise
The wind is lightly blowing
And the clouds gather in the skies

The earth shivers and shakes
As a quaking go through the land
You're walking past a graveyard
Through the earth appears a hand

The hair starts to rise on your neck
As a ghoul comes out of the ground
You're frozen right where you stand
Trying hard to not make a sound

You think that if you are quiet
Maybe he wont know you're there
There must be a way to escape
All you do is stand and stare

He starts to come toward you
You wonder what you should do
In an instant you decide to run
As he makes a lunge for you

You find that you can't move a hair
As the skies open up to a rain
You can't keep a thought in your head
As the creature feasts on your brain