The Zombie Junkyard

By Kathryn Maynard
April 26, 2000

The lightning is bright as it covers the sky
The thunder can be heard all over town
The wind is blowing the leaves all askew
Something just came out of the ground

No one is there to see this eerie sight
As this monster walks across the street
Its clothes are tattered, almost in shreds
You notice he's shoeless as he shuffles his feet

Hes walking real slow as he comes to a house
With heavy hands as he bangs on the door
An old man answers and he opens it wide
The creature attacks and throws him to the floor

There is blood and guts all over the place
But brains is what he craves the most
He rips open the skull and eats what is there
When hes finished theres nothing left of the host

He is satisfied as he makes his way back
To the place he likes to call home
Hes done what he can on this halloween night
Just once a year is all he can roam