The Zombie Junkyard

By Larry Burchfield
March 19, 2001

The dead knoweth not, that's what the good book's say,
in Hell they remain, chained till this day,
but all the seal's have been broken the dead have awoken
and now it is time you must pay.

Well shiver and shake as they call with a groan,
for the grave it has spoken, the dead has awoken,
now they come to claim you for their own.

Loose is the devil Satan, with the reaper looking Grim,
They are seeking all the soul's, they know belong to them.

No where to run, for how far could you go?
As the world is their banquet and they require your soul.

As you fade into darkness and become a shadow just like them,
You'll forget all about your Kinship with men.

As the dark face of death approaches your door,
You'll live for the hunger, but hunger no more.