The Zombie Junkyard
Chinese Zombie Top Ten

By Larry Burchfield
September 9, 2001

Top Ten signs that someone has been attacked by a Chinese Zombie...

10.You find brains still sizzling in a Wok.

09.Finding half eaten cat and dog brains lying around.

08.Bodies found with suspicious staff marks on the head (Two word's-Scrambled Brains)

07.You find Green tea next to a corpse that smells suspiciously like boiled brains.

06.You come across a half eaten body with a fortune inserted in it's head.

05.The Zombie moan's the word noodle instead of brains.

04.Your favorite Chinese restaurant's main dish no longer taste like chicken...
      and has a strange membrane attached to it.

03.Scene of the crime show's the victim's brains were eaten with chopsticks.

02.Zombie coming toward you moan's... Blain'' blain's.

And... the number one sign that someone has been attacked by a Chinese zombie is.... 

01.The General Tso Chicken is made with General Tso's Brains!