The Zombie Junkyard
Italian Zombie Top Ten

By Larry Burchfield
September 9, 2001

Top Ten signs that someone has been attacked by a Italian Zombie...

10.Zombie Travels With A Mob.

09.Leaves Horse Brains On Your Pillow To Let You Know Your Next.

08.Looks Suspiciously Like Brains Making His Cheeks Puff Out.

07.He Could Be Eating A Pasta & Meatballs Or It Could Be Brains With Worms.

06.Looks A Lot Like A Guy From The Old Neiborhood Named Guido.

05.Find A Body Buried Up To The Neck With Brains Eaten Out.

04.If His Coffin Fell Off The Back Of A Truck.

03.That's Not Grapes Their Stomping, Their Making Brain Wine.

02.If He Stands On The Corner Yelling, "Yo Baby, Look At Them Brains."

And... the number one sign that someone has been attacked by a Italian zombie is.... 

01.While Your Bent Over Kissing His Ring, He Takes Out A Chuck Of Your Brains.