The Zombie Junkyard
Romero Zombie Top Ten

By Joe Davis
September 12, 2001

Top 10 Signs That You Run Into Romero Zombies

10. You are in Pennsylvania.

 9. The zombies go down with a shot to the head.

 8. The zombies group towards farmhouses and malls.

 7. There is NO more room in Hell.

 6. The zombies are a funny color blue&grey.

 5. At least one of the zombies are Tom Savini.
 4. When shot at, the zombies drip a kinda funky color red out, instead of blood.

 5. The zombies are being hunted down by a bunch of red-necks with dogs.

 4. The zombies eat your flesh....and not your brain (by then, who cares if it's a Romero zombie or not? YOU'RE DEAD!).

 3. One of the Zombies is Bill Hinzman.

 2. You notice the SAME zombie in two different places in a VERY short amount of time.

 1. The zombies start shaving, shooting off guns, reading "Salem's Lot", and saying "Hello Aunt Alicia.".