Due To My Site Standards No File Can Be Over 1mb.
So Download ALL of these files into a Directory
And Run Setup.exe To Install

Zombie 1.0 - For AOL 6.0

Zombie10.exe 1.8mb

Functions Of Zombie 1.0:

-----E-Mail List Maker
         *Start/Stop Bot
         *Send Mail
         *List Save/Load/Clear
         *Add/Remove names Manually
         *Custom "List Me" Phrases
         *Custom "Remove Me" Phrases
         *Custom List Type
         *Ban People Permanently Option

-----Room Buster
         *Start Bust
         *Pick your Room
                      Private Room
                      Arts7 Entertainment

-----Chatroom Text Fader
         *Send Message by Pressing ENTER
         *Customize Your Own Colors
         *Choose Your Own Font
         *Choose Wavy/Bold/Italic text

-----Idle Bot
         *Start/Stop Button
         *Customized Away Message
         *Shows How Many Hrs, Mins, Secs

         *Allows you to upload and Do other things
           while the upload is in progress... Do Not
           press this unless your in the middle of
           download or it will Freeze AOL.

-----Close All IM's
         *Press This To Close All Visible IM's On
           The AOL Screen.

-----IM's On/Off
         *Press This To Turn your IM's On And Off.